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Family law matters can be legally complex, expensive, time consuming, and emotionally exhausting. We work closely with our clients to develop legal strategies intended to avoid the costs and delays associated with unnecessary litigation, while still achieving the results our clients need.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation - Negotiation

In some cases, both sides can agree on a resolution that is fair to all involved. In such cases, an uncontested divorce filing or stipulated resolution may be in the best interests of both parties. In other cases, there may be minor disagreements that can be worked out informally through negotiations. Sometimes, the parties have significant differences, but are open to possible compromise. In such cases, mediation may be a faster, more cost-effective way to resolve those differences and reach a resolution.

Regardless of where the parties may begin, we are committed to helping our clients work toward the best solution for their legal needs while still avoiding unnecessary costs and delays.

When Court Action Becomes Necessary

While we make every effort to find workable out-of-court solutions for our clients' legal needs, there are times when litigation, trial, appeals, or other court process are unavoidable. With thousands of hours of courtroom experience and more than 30 years combined legal experience, we are ready to assist our clients in all phases of the legal case.

Estate Planning to Avoid Probate and Family Fights

Without basic estate planning documents including a will and a living trust, your family is left without guidance or direction on how your estate and assets should be managed or distributed. This increases the chances of family fighting, and may leave many decisions to the court system. In many situations, not having a will and living trust can guarantee the necessity of what can turn into a long and costly probate proceeding.

Implementing a personalized estate plan is one of the best ways to protect your heirs and avoid the costs and delays of a public probate. We work with our clients to create an estate plan tailored to meet the unique needs of each person and family. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Contacting a Utah Family Law Attorney in Salt Lake City

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